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In 2001, many state governments began to look into ways to reduce the overcrowding of the prison system.  In addition to overcrowding, studies were showing that the prison life was doing very little in the way of rehabilitation.  A bold proposal was passed at the State level that allowed an experimental school to be established, with the goal of properly educating and rehabilitating young ladies aged 18 to 21.  Many young ladies, convicted of lesser crimes, were given the option of voluntarily admitting themselves to a private run Institute for a one year stay.

The RS Institute of Learning, was founded on the principles of education and strict discipline.  Young women who enter through the doors of the Institute find themselves shocked by the code of conduct they must adhere to and the results of any deviation from that code.  Corporal punishment is the primary means of discipline and it is administered often and severely.  Education is the primary goal at the Institute, and the young women find themselves engaged in study 8 hours per day.

From the moment they arrive, the women realize that they are in a far different environment than they are used to.  They are immediately told to strip off all of their clothes and present their naked bodies to the Dorm Mom.  The Dorm Mom oversees all aspects of the young ladies discipline, education, and day to day lives.  She is a very strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian who immediately puts every girl in her proper place.  All of their personal belonging are confiscated and their bodies are inspected for jewelry and piercings.  Anything on their body they were not born with, is removed.  This method of introduction  helps these young ladies realize that they have given up many things upon coming to the Institute, including their modesty.  Any girl who protests, tries to cover herself, or creates any sort of problems, is soundly spanked.


Every girl is issued the standard Institute uniform.  Very quickly these young ladies, hardened from the street, feel very much like little girls.  With the exception of the pajamas they are issued, the Institute uniform is all they will be allowed to wear during their one year stay at the Institute.  The Dorm Mom then spends a few minutes going over the basic rules of the Institute.  They are informed that, unlike the prison life they managed to avoid, they are to act like proper ladies at all times.  The bad habits developed in a prison environment like smoking, cussing, and sexual relations will not be tolerated at all, at the Institute.  Their rehabilitation at the Institute, is very similar to starting over as young children in life.  They will be taught to conduct themselves as a proper young lady should at all times.  If they fail to follow the directions, rules, or code of conduct, their bottoms will be bared and properly spanked.


The next step in the check in process is their introduction to the Dean.  The Dean oversees all aspects of the Institute and handles the discipline of the girls who have demonstrated an inability to follow the program.  The Dean goes into further detail about what is expected of each girl during her stay at the Institute.  The Dean assigns each girl her handbook, that details the Institute rules and the code of conduct the girls must adhere to.  The Institute paddles on the wall, help to illustrate his point.

After their introduction to the Dean, each girl is taken to her dorm room.  While much better than the accommodations of prison, the dorm rooms are very basic, and the girls are only provided with a bed, and a closet.  Since their focus for the next year will be on their studies, there are no radios or TVs anywhere in the Institute.  All time spent outside of class will be spent studying, eating, or sleeping.  Once they have settled in their rooms, they are taken to class.

Just as with the rest of the Institute, discipline in the classroom is maintained through the frequent use of corporal punishment.  Each girl is required to focus her full attention on her studies.  Any deviation from the rules of the classroom, poor grades, or simply not paying attention will result in a very sore and bruised bottom.  The cane, paddle, punishment strap, and ruler are all used liberally to assure each and every girl receives the education she was sent to the Institute for.


Discipline and order are maintained at the Institute in a variety of ways.  The most common occurrence of corporal punishment at the Institute, is for on the spot infractions.  At any time that a young lady finds herself acting in a way other than that specified in the code of conduct, she is punished immediately.  This most often occurs at the hands of the Dorm Mom or by a teacher.  Rarely does a young lady find herself being punished by the Dorm mom in which her bottom is not bared.  In addition to on the spot infractions, the Dorm mom does weekly inspections and progress reports.  At anytime, a young lady may be visited by the Dorm Mom.  If the Dorm Mom finds any aspect of the girl's behavior, attitude, or the state of her room not to her liking, the girl will quickly find herself with a sore bottom.

The Dorm Mom has found that making a girl fully undress, prior to her punishment, adds greatly to the humiliation aspect and is a very powerful tool.  In addition, she has no problem punishing a girl, fully nude, in the full presence of anyone around, as a warning to the others.  Girls who find themselves in trouble together are punished together.  It is not uncommon for her to yank four girls out of a classroom, march them down the hall, strip them naked, and punish their bottoms until they are black and blue.  The girls learn very quickly that anything but their best behavior, will have them sitting gingerly for days to come.
For those young ladies in which the daily discipline administered by the teachers and the Dorm Mom proves to not be effective enough, a trip to the Dean's Office is ordered.  Punishments administered in the Dean's Office are the most severe punishment the girls are subjected to.  While he does use his hand, the cane, and the punishment strap, large wooden paddles are his most frequent implement of choice.  Nothing leaves as long lasting of an impression as a wooden paddle.  Any girl unfortunate enough to earn a trip to the Dean's Office, quickly sees the error in her ways.

We invite you for a never before seen look into the doors of the RS Institute of Learning.  Every punishment administered in the Institute is well documented on both video and high resolution digital photos.  You will see the real result of strict discipline and corporal punishment and its effects on troubled young ladies.
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